Petzl ADAM Mens Yellow T-shirt Petzl AMD H-frame TWIST LOCKING carabiner with CAPTIV Petzl NEWTON EASYFIT BLACK full body harness with fast buckles and vest ANSI CSA Size 1
Petzl organic cotton t-shirt with white lettering. 2 Motion Locking Carabiner
Easy-donning fall arrest harness
Petzl EVE Womens T-shirt Turquoise Petzl NEWTON EASYFIT BLACK full body harness with fast buckles and vest ANSI CSA Size 2 Complete Zipline Kit with Full Body Harness and Pulley
Petzl organic cotton t-shirt with white lettering. Easy-donning fall arrest harness Complete Zipline Kit with Full Body Harness and Pulley
Petzl SPELIOS helmet with DUO headlamp size 1 Petzl AVAO BOD FAST fall arrest harness size 0 CSA NFPA ANSI Camp Goblin Fall Arrester Black
Caving helmet with Hybrid lighting: halogen/14 LEDs with three constant lighting modes Work positioning and fall arrest harness The Goblin fall-arrester represents a monumental step forward in safety for workers who rely on fall arrest systems for work at heights.
Petzl Reactik headlamp with OmniProGear Case CAMP Daisy Twist 48" Chain Lanyard Petzl RESCUCENDER climbing rope grab
With 220 lumens of power, the REACTIK headlamp is ideal for dynamic, intense activities 22 kN / 4950lbs MBS All Directions All Loops
One Piece  Just open and load   No Foot and Pin To Play With
Petzl DUOBELT LED 5 headlamp FlatGrip Technora 900 Degree 19kN 8mm x 21 feet Prusik Cord with termination system Petzl NOCTILIGHT protective carry case for compact lamps for use as a lantern
Hybrid waterproof headlamp: halogen / 5 LEDs and remote battery pack High abrasion resistant Technora cover rated at 900 degrees A headlamp placed inside thus becomes a lantern
Petzl ALVEO VENT ANSI helmet Yellow Petzl EVE Womens T-shirt Gray OmniProGear 8mm x 11 feet Prusik Cord Lime & 8mm x 11 feet Yellow Made IN USA MBS 16.44kN (3700lbs)
Ventilated helmet for work at height and rescue Petzl organic cotton t-shirt with white lettering. The best prusik cord

OmniProGear is the prime destination for tree workers, climbers, rescue workers, cell phone tower employees, stuntmen, event riggers, project managers and aerial dancers. OmniProGear's large inventory includes gear that you can find here before it is available on sale anyplace else.

OmniProGear sells a large selection of Petzl premium products for professionals and sports enthusiasts, firefighters and medical emergency personnel, including carabiners, ropes, headlamps, lanyards and other accessories that enhance and ensure safety. New items in stock include the Petzl Parallel Static Rope, which is a semi-static rope for intensive use, with a smaller diameter that reduces weight and bulk, and flexibility that leads to superior handling. OmniProGear also stocks low stretch kernmantle rope with a standard diameter that ensures good grip for easier handling, a full line of Tactikka headlamps for military personnel who require proximity lighting and rapid movement.

Updated basics in the latest designs in stock at OmniProGear include rope, carabiners, and advanced products including lightweight haul systems and firefighter evacuation systems. The latest in Petzl headlamps offer power ranges from 30 lumens to 750 lumens, with features that will leave your hands free, no matter what your line of work. Headlamps with long burn times and notable lighting versatility are available.

Rescue professionals and anyone who regularly works at height can find an enormous inventory of state-of-the-art products that can help them perform their daily tasks safely and comfortably, and with the most innovative and ingenious ergonomic features that highlight user-friendliness. Arborists, professional riggers, tower workers and linemen can find products for fall arrest, personal escape and confined space rescue. Get anchors, apparel, belay devices, ascenders, haul systems, rigging equipment, rappel devices, descenders, webbing, zipline gear, rescue climbing gear and much, much more at OmniProGear, which can also create unique product bundles for customers on the fly. OmniProGear is committed to providing professionals and enthusiasts with the latest products at the best value and the best price, saving you money with products that could save your life.