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Whether you're a curious explorer or a professional rescue worker, you need the appropriate caving gear to ensure that you can reach all the nooks and crannies of any given cave. Some caves are only accessible from the top, requiring reliable gear for descending and ascending. Regardless of the cave at hand, OmniProGear can help you find the right high-performance caving equipment appropriate for both amateur and serious spelunkers. We carry caving harnesses, ladders, foot loops, cave rescue kits and more in this great selection. Brands such as aSTEP, Petzl and OPG manufacture the most reliable caving equipment around.

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We have a large selection of webbing ladders designed specifically for caving. They can be used to assist persons in difficulty or to ascend cave walls. Foot loops are also appropriate for assisting with crevasse rescue and other dangerous rescue situations but are much more versatile and can be used for a range of other applications as well. All of these caving ladders and foot loops are made with the strongest and most rugged materials to ensure safe rescue, even when used to support high working loads. A lightweight rope ladder is an essential for any rescue worker's kit.

All first-responders and rescue professional departments should invest in the all-inclusive Petzl Crevasse Rescue Kit that's specifically designed for rescuing a victim from a crevasse. It includes two Screw-Lock carabiners, a pulley, a sling and other useful components that allow you to quickly address crevasse rescue situations. Our very own OPG Bucket Harness makes a great addition to your crevasse rescue kit. With an incredible 800-pound working load, this bucket harness is specifically designed to assist in perilous crevasse emergencies. If you'd like us to create a custom rescue bundle for your specific needs, contact us today.