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Professional Zip Line Harness Pro System


This professional zip line harness system kit from OmniProGear has everything you need to start zip lining. No matter whether you're zip lining recreationally or professionally, you'll find all the gear you need in this Petzl zip line kit. The set includes one zip line harness, one 70-centimeter lanyard, one 80-centimeter Y safety lanyard, three auto-locking carabiners and one zip line pro pulley. All of the gear included in the set is produced by Petzl, a trusted climbing and rescue gear manufacturer. It also includes Petzl's three-year guarantee.

The included zip line harness is made to fit most sizes and features color-coded adjustable straps. The waist size will adjust from 23 ½ inches all the way up to 42 ¼ inches to accommodate most average waists. The leg loops will fit legs up to 29 ½ inches in size. This harness is made for optimal comfort and safety while being suspended in the air. It is meant to evenly distribute your weight to prevent pain or pinching.

Ultra strong and durable, the included Petzl lanyards and carabiners are made to keep you securely fastened to the pulley in your harness. The lanyards attach to the harness with a lark's head hitch. Their super strong construction features double stitching and plastic covering and is made with a minimum breaking strength of 15 kN or 3,375 pounds. The auto-locking carabiners are specially designed for single-handed use and are intended to minimize snagging.

Effortlessly zip away on the zip line pro pulley which features an easy-to-use design that is made to reduce the risk of pinched fingers. It is constructed with a double row of ball bearings that are built to last through continual use. This pulley works with cable or rope that is 9 to 13 millimeters in diameter.

If you need to purchase any additional zip lining gear, OmniProGear offers the best selection of harnesses, lanyards, carabiners, pulleys and more. Look no further for recreational and professional athletic and safety gear. Shop at OmniProGear to get the newest gear before everyone else.


  • Professional Zip Line Harness Pro System Kit Includes:
    • One zip line harness
    • One 70 cm (27 ½") lanyard
    • One 80 cm (33 ½") Y safety lanyard
    • Three auto-locking carabiners
    • One zip line pro pulley
  • Zip line harness
    • Fits most sizes with a number of color-coded, adjustable leg straps
    • Waist size: 23 ½" to 42 ¼"
    • Leg loop size: 29 ½"
    • Protective tubing reduces abrasions
  • Two Petzl Lanyards
    • One 70 cm (27 ½") and one 80 cm (33 ½")
    • Attach to the harness with simple lark's head hitch
    • Double stitched with a plastic covering
    • Minimum breaking strength: 3,375 lbs. (15 kN) on each leg
  • Auto-Locking Carabiners
    • Designed for single-handed operation
    • Key lock system prevents snagging
  • Zip Line Pro Pulley
    • Long-lasting double row of ball bearings
    • Easy-to-use design reduces risk of pinched fingers
    • Durable with continual use
    • Cable or rope diameter: 9-13 mm
  • Products manufactured by Petzl
  • Comes with Petzl 3 year guarantee