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Rock-climbing pulleys allow you to safely descend from your destination with ease and control. OmniProGear always recommends that entry-level and professional climbers invest in a high-performance rock climbing pulley or braking system to ensure that you're the only one in control of your descending speed and that you can always brake when necessary. We supply the best of the best climbing pulleys, including braking systems, micro pulleys, ball-bearing pulleys and heavy-duty pulleys for a wide range of situations. All of our pulleys qualify for quick shipping. When you're looking for the best rock-climbing pulley to suit your needs and want to get it fast with outstanding customer service, you need look no further than OmniProGear.
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Our Price: $109.00
CAMP Wing Pulley Cap CAMP Wing Pulley Cap
Our Price: $9.50
Petzl KOOTENAY pulley Petzl KOOTENAY pulley
Our Price: $229.95
Petzl MOBILE pulley Petzl MOBILE pulley
Our Price: $29.95
Petzl PARTNER pulley Petzl PARTNER pulley
Our Price: $59.95
Petzl PRO TRAXION pulley rope clamp Petzl PRO TRAXION pulley rope clamp
Our Price: $159.95
Sale Price: $109.00
Petzl RESCUE pulley Petzl RESCUE pulley
Our Price: $69.95
Petzl TANDEM pulley Petzl TANDEM pulley
Our Price: $74.95
Whether you want to set your own pace with a Brakehawk braking system or tackle complex operations with a CAMP climbing double pulley, OmniProGear has got you covered. Brakehawk zipline pulley brakes are excellent for zipliners who want to be able to easily slow themselves to a stop via an easy-to-use pull-down braking system. They work well with Petzl zipline pulleys and provide users with a greater sense of safety and control - perfect for first-time or beginner zipliners. We also carry a selection of specialty pulleys, including the ideal heavy-duty pulley for maneuvering heavy loads. You will also find a variety of the latest Petzl pulley carabiners here in your choice of locking or nonlocking models. Besides our extensive inventory of pulleys, OmniProGear also carries lots of hard-to-find items, like braking-system replacement pads in your choice of materials, replacement wing pulley caps and more.
OmniProGear only selects top-quality pulleys for our expansive inventory. Shop Petzl, CAMP, Rock Exotica and Brakehawk or try out an affordable pulley from our proprietary OPG line. We supply everything from heavy-duty multifunction pulleys for block-and-tackle systems and more complex operations to slim and lightweight pulleys that won't get in your way. Be sure to explore our complete pulley haul systems that include pulleys, ropes, carabiners and other essentials for one great low price. These kits deploy fully assembled right from the bag! Remember, you can always contact OmniProGear if you'd like us to custom-design a product bundle for your specific needs or if you have any questions.