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Complete Zip Line Kit with Full Body Harness & Pulley


Stay safe at any height with a complete zip line kit with full body harness and pulley from OmniProGear. Use this kit to zip line over forests, rivers or just in your back yard. This harness set is also perfect for rock climbing and mountaineering. If your job is in rescue work, cell phone tower repair, industrial work or any other industry that requires you to be suspended at a great height, this harness kit will work perfectly for you as well. You will stay safe and secure while sitting comfortably in a full body harness with padded legs that are designed to distribute your weight evenly.

This zip line kit comes complete with everything you need to get started, including a full body harness, two "I" lanyards, one auto-locking carabiner, one TriLock carabiner with Captiv and one Petzl TRAC pulley. Carefully follow the assembly instructions to tie yourself in and you're ready to go. The adjustment straps on the harness ensure that it can be adapted to fit most body types.

How to Hook Up the Zip Line Kit

  1. Begin with the pulley and the 45 cm lanyard. Use a flat tip screwdriver to remove the plastic cover. Attach the lanyard to the pulley and leave it attached to avoid having to disassemble the pulley repeatedly. Pay attention to which side the opening of the carabiner faces, so that you can replace it the correct way.
  2. Put the tip of the carabiner through both plastic holes in the lanyard and the rope. Use a twisting "side-to-side" motion to get the lanyard to slide into place.
  3. Attach the Captiv to the carabiner before attaching the lanyard. Slide the hole in the top right portion of the Captiv on the carabiner and push it into place. Snap the other side into place and screw it together. Then push the end of the lanyard that's attached to the pulley through the hole created by the Captiv and loop it back over the carabiner to make a girth hitch.
  4. The 70 cm back up lanyard should now be attached to the second carabiner to create your safety backup. Put the lanyard's loop end through the yellow loop on the harness and the carabiner through the loop on the lanyard to make a second girth hitch.
  5. Put your harness on, attach the pulley to the zip line, clip the carabiner through the harness's yellow loop and you're ready to go!


  • Complete Zip Line Kit with Full Body Harness and Pulley Includes:
    • One full body harness
    • Two Petzl "I" lanyards
    • One auto-locking carabiner
    • One TriLock carabiner with Captiv
    • One Petzl TRAC pulley
  • Full body harness
    • Padded legs for optimal comfort
    • Quick release buckles
    • A number of adjustment straps
    • Offers the best support of a full body harness
  • Two Petzl "I" Lanyards
    • 45 cm lanyard connects harness to pulley
    • 70 cm lanyard is the backup
    • Double stitched with a plastic covering
  • Auto-Locking Carabiner
    • Connects backup lanyard to pulley
    • Pull down lock allows for one-handed operation
    • Rated to 25 kN or 5620 pounds
  • TriLock Carabiner with Captiv
    • Connects 45 cm lanyard to harness
  • Petzl TRAC Pulley
    • Includes built-in, removable, drop proof carabiner for easy zip line installation
    • Sealed ball bearings
    • Sheave design
    • Durable with continual use