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Safety always comes first in any kind of glacial travel. Whether you're traveling on skis or on foot, this Petzl crevasse rescue kit from OmniPoGear is the essential crevasse safety kit for training courses, alpinists or free riders. This kit contains everything you need to make a spontaneous rescue if a member of your party accidentally falls into a crevasse. Eliminate the need for waiting for rescue workers and keep yourself and others from unsafe rescue attempts without the proper equipment with this kit.

For added convenience and safety, the carrying case features an integrated simple visual inspection system which will help you verify that all of the components are present before you make your glacial journey. The included weatherproof guide also features a carabiner attachment hole so that you can easily affix it to your harness for reference during crevasse rescue situations. This will ensure that you know exactly how to use your kit when the need arises.

The Petzl crevasse rescue kit from OmniProGear includes one micro traxion pulley, two OK screw-lock carabiners, one partner pulley, one Tibloc ascender and one 120-centimeter St. Anneau sling. These simple items that pack compactly into a small and easy-to-carry case are everything you need for self-rescue or to rescue another person from an unexpected crevasse emergency during glacial skiing. This kit also includes the Petzl three year guarantee to ensure the quality of the products.

The micro traxion pulley included in this crevasse rescue kit can be used for self-rescue or to rescue another person from a crevasse. Use it to ascend the rope during self-rescue or as a progress capture device to haul another person out of a crevasse. Don't worry about this traxion pulley's grip slipping on icy ropes as the cam features angled teeth and a self-cleaning slot.

Installing the included partner pulley on a rope couldn't be easier with its featured rotating side plates. This pulley can also be used to reduce the effort needed for self-rescue or in the hauling system. There is no need to expend extra energy when you don't have to with the use of this partner pulley during crevasse rescue. The pulley also has an excellent strength to weight ratio due to the nylon sheave and aluminum side plate.

The Tibloc ultra-light emergency ascender helps you get yourself or someone else out of the bottom of a crevasse. It replaces the Prusik or rope clamp in a hauling system or it replaces the self-locking knots in a self-rescue situation, making your rescue much easier. It also features angled teeth and a self-cleaning slot to reduce slippage and ensure a superior grip on icy ropes.

The self-centering symmetric shapes of the OK screw-lock carabiners make them ideal for use with the partner and micro traxion pulleys. Finally, the St. Anneau sling included in this Petzl crevasse rescue kit from OmniProGear is supple and resistant to abrasions. It is made from the perfect combination of Dyneema and nylon. The 120-centimeter length allows for multiple uses such as a foot strap for self-rescue ascending, to connect the micro traxion pulley to the anchor and as a part of the redirect in a hauling system.


  • Includes:
    • 1 Micro Traxion Pulley
    • 1 Partner Pulley
    • 1 Tibloc Ultra-Light Emergency Ascender
    • 2 OK Screw-Lock Carabiners
    • 1 120 cm St. Anneau Sling
  • Weight: 585g
  • Made in FR
  • Three year guarantee
  • CE / UIAA