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Eliminate the need to touch your headlamp altogether with Petzl NAO 2 575-lumen headlamp with a custom molded zippered case from OmniProGear. This compact and powerful headlamp sits securely on your head to keep your hands free for work or other activities. It also features reactive lighting technology that automatically adjusts the strength of your light beam without requiring you to press any buttons.

With this headlamp, you can choose to have full control over you light settings or let the lamp take over to adjust to your surroundings according to the integrated light sensor. From 7 to 575 lumens, the reactive lighting sensor will always provide the perfect amount of lighting for any situation in which you find yourself. This makes your headlamp lighting easier on your eyes while allowing for fewer manual interventions and a much longer battery life.

Opt for one uninterrupted beam of steady light instead with the integrated constant lighting mode. This lighting mode option for the NAO 2 reactive lighting headlamp provides continuous light for the entire duration of the battery's life without dimming. Once the battery dies, the lamp switches to reserve mode. The two optional lighting levels included with this Petzl headlamp are max power when you need a brighter light for a shorter period of time and max autonomy for when you need a dimmer light for a longer period of time. This way you can prioritize between brightness and burn time depending on the type of situation you're in or work you're doing. You can also create customized lighting with OS by Petzl software which is available for download at the Petzl website. The beam pattern of this headlamp is wide and mixed for increased clarity and visibility.

Stay comfortable while keeping your beam of light steady with the specially-designed Petzl NAO 2 headband. You will be able to wear this headlamp for hours without growing uncomfortable or getting irritated. The adjustable headband ensures a perfect fit every time to keep your light steady while working. The included top strap also provides additional support for technical activities. You have the option of wearing the NAO 2 battery kit on your belt rather than attached to the back of your headband with the optional belt kit. This allows for added comfort and the ability to keep the battery pack warm during cold winter months.

The included rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery powers this Petzl headlamp. It performs well at low temperatures and is easily rechargeable with the integrated USB connection. The battery charge indicator light lets you know that your battery is charging and when it is full. When recharging is unavailable, the battery can be replaced with two AAA batteries. However, the performance will be reduced when switching out the Lithium-Ion battery.


  • REACTIVE LIGHTING technology allows headlamp to automatically adapt to the environment and surrounding lighting conditions.
  • CONSTANT LIGHTING mode offers bright, stable, uninterrupted lighting
  • Two lighting levels:
    • MAX POWER prioritizes brightness
    • MAX AUTONOMY prioritizes burn time
  • Powered by an included Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery
    • Great performance at low temperatures
    • Recharges via integrated USB connection
    • Battery charge indicator light illuminates when battery is charged
    • Can be substituted for two AAA/LR03 batteries with reduced performance
  • Lock function keeps device from being accidentally turned on
  • Headlamp is stable while worn on the head
    • Headband is adjustable and comfortable
    • Included top strap for extra stability during technical activities
  • Optional belt kit allows battery to be worn on belt instead of head strap
  • OS by Petzl software offers customized lighting - free for download at www.petzl.com/OS


  • Weight: 187g
  • Beam pattern: wide, mixed
  • Power: 7-575 Lumens
  • Energy: Lithium-Ion 2600 mAh rechargeable battery (included) or 2 AAA/LR03 batteries (not included)
  • Recharge time: 5 hours
  • Battery compatibility: alkaline and lithium
  • Watertightness: IP X4, weather resistant
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Includes: rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, 30 cm USB cable and custom case
  • Color(s): light gray with black headband
  • Guarantee:
    • Lamp: 3 years, rechargeable
    • Battery: 1 year or 300 charging cycles


Protect your Petzl NAO 2 headlamp with the included OmniProGear case. This case is custom molded from EVA foam and fits the NAO 1 and NAO 2 headlamps. It features a zippered closure and keeps dust and dirt away from the lamp. Attach it to your pack with the carabiner loop. The custom slots hold the headlamp, battery and cord and ensure that the items won't bounce around inside the case.