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ClimbTech is a Texas-based rock-climbing equipment company that supplies cutting-edge climbing gear and rescue essentials to the professional and hobbyist climbing community. Founded nearly 30 years ago, this innovative manufacturer has carved out a name for itself, thanks to its collection of high-performance climbing anchoring equipment and hardware. These components are best suited for fall protection, rope access, mining, construction work and rock climbing. At OmniProGear, we pride ourselves on getting the newest gear in the industry before anyone else. Whether you are looking for new ClimbTech anchors, carabiners or an anchor pulley lock, we can provide you a piece of the latest well-thought-out, quality equipment from this groundbreaking company. We always stock the newest designs and redesigns, so make sure to check back often or to contact us directly via email or by phone. OmniProGear always carries the latest and greatest ClimbTech products, including ClimbTech pulleys, carabiners and anchor kits.

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We offer ClimbTech anchors and bolting for a wide range of environments, including the popular We offer ClimbTech anchors and bolting for a wide range of environments, including the popular ClimbTech Multiuse Removable Rock and Concrete Anchor. This is one of ClimbTech's most popular anchors, thanks to its simple design that allows for quick and easy installation and removal. Like all ClimbTech rock-climbing gear, this anchor is manufactured with the most rugged materials, such as galvanized cable, aluminum alloy and stainless steel, to ensure reliable performance in the most demanding conditions. Safe and efficient, ClimbTech's removable concrete and rock anchors are easy to use and a smart buy. We also carry ClimbTech removable bolts, sleeve anchor sets and hanger sets for those looking for a low-priced option for purchasing multiple parts. Anchor pulleys for sale at OmniProGear always ship fast.
ClimbTech pulleys are commonly used by high-stakes rescue workers due to their impressive strength and efficiency. We offer double pulleys by ClimbTech that allow for amazingly versatile hauling configurations to adapt to a wide range of rescue situations. Additionally, ClimbTech Mini Pulleys are appropriate for less demanding uses and are super compact and lightweight so they don't load you down while you're working or climbing. OmniProGear is staffed by a team of climbing experts who are always on hand to assist you with your purchase. Contact us if you're interested in a custom ClimbTech product bundle to suit your needs.