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Fusion Climb is a top-rated climbing gear maker that started out of as a safety and tactical equipment manufacturer but eventually forged its place as a leader in the rock climbing, caving, zip-lining and rappelling communities. OmniProGear offers a wide variety of high-quality Fusion Climb rock climbing equipment, ranging from a line of performance-designed tactical rock climbing harnesses to practical everyday carabiners that you can keep on your keychain. Fusion Climb products meet and exceed exacting safety standards, including UIAA, CE and ANSI, and are appropriate for use by all work-at-heights professionals and rescue responders.

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OPG 1 1/2" Single Pulley 1/2" rope 2ton 20kn 4 Pack Black Micro Carabiner 23kn Atlas Adventure Harness
Light weight, single pulley is an ideal choice for rescue, arborist, hauling and
other industrial applications.
Ultra small and light (only 1.3oz), yet strength rated to 23kN The 3D foam padded waist and leg loops
Black Tubular Webbing Bungee Sling Centaur Adventure Harness Gate Loading Prevention Clips
Nylon Bungee with intergrated loops 4000lbs 4 foot Light, easy to adjust, and super strong. This clip attaches to the carabiner and keeps the rope from moving across the gate and prevent gate loading or roll out accidentally.
A compact rappel kit designed specifically for use with police interceptor vehicles. Tastumi Harness With Quick Release Buckles Ring Rigging Plate
A compact rappel kit designed specifically for use with police interceptor vehicles Great portable rock climbing, rope course, and zipline harness Super light and strong solid forged aluminum ring
Small Rappelling Ring Blue Tactical Fully Body Rope Access Harness 1 Piece Tactical Fully Body Rope Access Harness 2 Piece
Super light and strong solid forged aluminum ring This Harness is in use by fire department rescue teams One of our most popular harness designs, the harness is in use by fire department rescue teams, USAR teams, helicopter crews, wilderness SAR teams and arborists.
Tactical Rescue Arborist Seat Harness Micro carabiner, Blue OPG Oval Steel Auto BiLock Carabiner
Keychain Carabiner, Black
Our Price: $12.95
Used by fire department, rescue teams and arborists Ultra small and light (only 1.3oz), yet strength rated to 23kN Auto locking with 2 motions to unlock

Shop Fusion Climb harnesses if you're looking for quality yet budget-friendly harnesses designed for serious safety and versatility. Fusion Climb makes tactical climbing harnesses that are made in the U.S. with high-performance materials that provide superior stealth and adaptability. The Fusion Climb Tactical Full-Body Rope Access Harness is appropriate for use by military professionals, first responders and fire department rescue workers who require exceptional comfort and stability in high-stakes situations. This harness is great for department rescue kits because it features a dorsal D-ring that allows adjustment for different sized rescuers.

We also supply affordable carabiners, bungee slings, loading prevention clips, rigging plates, pulleys and other climbing essentials made by Fusion Climb. All of these components are designed for sensible use but represent Fusion Climb's foundation as a tactical supplier, so you can expect the best possible quality, performance and safety. At OmniProGear, we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the latest Fusion Climb products before anyone else, and we can even custom-build a product bundle for you with climbing safety equipment by Fusion Climb, Petzl, CAMP and any of the other top-rated brands we carry in our store.