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OmniProGear supplies reflective stickers and custom gear labels to ensure that you're ready for every situation on your next big climb. For example, you never want to embark on a climb without ensuring that your gear is labeled with your name, phone number or e-mail address in case it gets misplaced. Attaching high-visibility helmet decals will also help make sure that team members don't accidentally try to use the wrong helmets, making for a smoother operation. In other situations, you may want to add reflective properties to your helmet to add more visibility on night climbs or caving expeditions. For an insignificant cost, our high-visibility helmet stickers will add an extra margin of safety to any climbing expedition. OmniProGear is your one-stop shop for the best and most practical rock climbing gear on the market, including rock-climbing decals that will help keep you and your team better organized.

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Order a set of smart gear labels if you're looking for a simple, affordable way to customize your rock climbing gear. These labels come in a set of 30 or 40 peel-and-stick labels that are custom-printed with two lines of your desired text, such as your name and phone number. Our labels are designed for easy application to your harnesses, helmet, pulleys, carabiners, fall-arrest devices, gear bags and much more so that you never go home without everything you brought along with you on your climb. Additionally, we supply transparent, writable stickers so that you can mark your gear with your name, company, camp or organization. You can depend on these inexpensive labels for the long run, because they will resist scratches, chemicals, water and the sun's UV rays.
We carry a set of long-lasting hi-viz helmet stickers that you can attach to your Petzl helmets for increased visibility. These stickers are pre-cut to suit your specific helmet and are easy to install for a clean finish. Make sure to add your reflective helmet stickers to your gear before you embark on a caving adventure or plan for a climb at night or in foggy conditions. OmniProGear is the best place to purchase cutting-edge rock climbing gear and equipment, because we offer the best selection and get brand-new products before anyone else.