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Everyone knows carabiners are a rock climber's lifeline. Small but mighty, these metal devices allow climbers to quickly connect components, especially in safety-critical situations. OmniProGear has the best selection of rock-climbing carabiners in a wide range of shapes and sizes to support various loads. We carry the most reliable options by Petzl, CAMP, Rock Exotica and OPG for a wide variety of uses, including belaying, evacuation, optimizing the position of your equipment, ascension and much more. Here at OmniProGear, we're happy to provide personalized advice or build you a custom carabiner bundle if you need assistance.

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Petzl ATTACHE 3D SCREWLOCK carabiner, Black Petzl ATTACHE SCREWLOCK Black carabiner
Our Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $16.97
Petzl FREINO carabiner Petzl FREINO carabiner
Our Price: $49.95

Wondering which shape carabiner to choose? Generally speaking, carabiners fall into four specific shapes. As you might suspect, all carabiner shapes have their pros and cons. Oval carabiners are the most basic and utilitarian carabiners, designed to smooth curves on gentle positions, and allow for easier load repositioning. An oval carabiner is always great to have on hand, but it's important to note that because it's symmetrical, it will share load on both sides, which may not be the best for all situations. D carabiners, which are D-shaped, are asymmetrical, with most of the load-bearing on the strong spine, while offset-D carabiners are similar but with a wider opening. If you are looking for the strength of 50kN pear-shape carabiners, we also offer heavy-duty pear carabiners, which are typically used for belaying.
At OmniProGear, you will find screw-lock carabiners and carabiners with many other types of locking mechanisms. We pride ourselves on our huge inventory of carabiners that will enable you to find exactly the right ones for the task. Whether you are looking for carabiners for work, such as helping with climbing or rescuing, or for fun, such as rock climbing or as part of a zipline custom bundle, we can provide you the latest and best equipment at low carabiners sale prices.
OmniProGear is pleased to offer a huge variety of high-quality Petzl carabiners for serious climbers. From the affordable oval-shaped Petzl Screw-Lock that allows for optimal positioning of equipment to the Petzl MGO carabiners that feature large automatic locking connectors, there's an option in this selection that suits your specific demands and budget. Don't forget to explore our heavy-duty specialty rigging carabiners by Rock Exotica if you need options for specialty work. Save big when you order multipacks of carabiners for a great, low price to ensure that you always have the right gear on hand on the rock.