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Rescue workers and climbers rely on high-quality haul systems to allow them to safely haul themselves or another climber up a rock for any amount of time. They're exclusively designed for hauling purposes and are meant to be quick and easy to deploy without any risk of tangling. OmniProGear recommends all work-at-heights professionals keep a hauling system on hand, including on-site rescue workers, technical rescue workers and more. We carry complete hauling and evacuation kits, tactical waist packs, pulley haul systems and Z-rig systems for all your hauling needs at OmniProGear.

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A Z-rig hauling system is important for any technical rescue situation and is commonly used in fire rescue. These systems come in a variety of options, including 3:1 and 2:1 with mechanical advantages. OmniProGear offers all-inclusive Z-rig rope haul systems that come with rope, carabiners and pulleys to assist in many hauling situations. We also offer many 3 in 1 hauling system options with progress capture and other included features to meet your unique demands. Our OPG line of pulley haul systems includes even more components, including tubular webbing and screw links. These essential pieces and parts fit nicely into an included black tactical duffel bag.
You'll find a large selection of Petzl hauling systems in our store, including the popular Petzl JAG Rescue Kits that provide all-in-one hauling and evacuation necessities. Available in multiple sizes, the Petzl JAG Kits include a haul kit, a ring open gated ring, an anchor strap, a bucket bag and other components that allow you to quickly pick off and lower a victim. OmniProGear is your one-stop shop for all climbing rescue equipment and other essential work-at-heights gear. If you'd like us to build you a custom hauling system with specific products, contact us at 303-567-2540 and we'll quickly put together a custom product bundle to suit your needs.