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Energy absorbers are safety-enhancing rock climbing accouterments that prevent your rope from snapping under your weight, effectively preventing rock climbing falls. If you happen to slip while you're on a climb, an energy absorber will reduce the amount of force that's transferred to you and your rope. OmniProGear is pleased to offer a large selection of rock climbing energy absorbers and shock absorbing lanyards to make your climb even safer. We carry the popular CAMP energy absorbers as well as high-tech Petzl energy absorbers for a wide range of situations. We always debut the newest products in the industry before the competition.

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CAMP Cassin X-Draw CAMP Cassin X-Draw
Our Price: $39.95
Petzl 2018 ABSORBICA Energy Absorber Petzl 2018 ABSORBICA Energy Absorber
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $54.00

Energy absorbing lanyards by Petzl come in a variety of unique options, including single-lanyard, double-lanyard and retractable lanyard options. Cutting-edge energy absorbers, such as the Petzl Absorbica-Y, provide exceptional shock absorbing properties paired with tieback rings to provide you grade-A protection and versatility regardless of the demands. Even the most high-tech Petzl energy absorbers are designed for minimal bulk and weight to allow you to easily facilitate handling. What's more, these components are highly abrasion resistant and often include auto-locking carabiners for safe fall arrest.
CAMP's line of professional-grade energy absorbers includes simple options such as the CAMP Cassin X-Draw as well as the full-featured CAMP Vortex. The Vortex is a lightweight via ferrata lanyard set that includes a high-quality shock absorber to safely absorb the energy of a fall. All CAMP shock absorbers are designed with high-quality materials and feature lightweight, compact shock absorbing padding so they don't bog you down while climbing. Not sure which option to choose? You can always give us a call at 303-567-2540 for personalized equipment advice.