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Screw links, sometimes called "quick links," are a type of carabiner that provides added security and the ability to be used as semipermanent anchors on any rock. Some people also use them as temporary placements in some situations. Because of their stronger and more versatile design, screw links are especially appropriate for use at extended heights and in more demanding conditions. Make sure you have a set of screw links on hand for all your high-stakes work-at-heights jobs. OmniProGear offers triangular, oval and semiround screw links to match your needs. Here you will find screw links with or without bars as well as a range of other products that provide you the best solution for your needs.

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OmniProGear supplies the best and most affordable screw links by your favorite climbing brands, including Petzl, CAMP and more. Petzl screw links are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your particular needs. You can use them for applications such as creating a semi-permanent anchor ring, webbing uphold and other uses. Pick up Petzl Delta screw links or oval screw links for semipermanent attachments or use the Petzl triangular quick link with a bar if you prefer a versatile style that can be closed with a wrench for more applications. We also carry speedy anchor screw links that require only four turns to open. These lightweight screw links will save you time and hassles.
These links are manufactured from high-quality and durable materials to ensure the best in safety on your next climb. Each one is machined from rugged cadmium steel or aluminum alloy and provides added strength. Click on each style to get the exact axis strength, gate strength and weight to make sure that it's appropriate for your specific climbing demands. If you aren't sure which screw link to buy, you can always reach out to OmniProGear for personalized, one-on-one advice. We're also happy to build you a custom rock-climbing bundle that suits your particular needs and budget. If you're looking for gear for any applications to enhance your quick-link climbing, we can direct you to the best gear for exactly the use you have in mind.