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High-stakes climbs require high-performance gloves. OmniProGear has hand-selected a great variety of high-quality and long-lasting rock-climbing gloves for everyone from beginner climbers to professional rescue workers. These rope-climbing gloves are all uniquely designed to protect your hands against rope burn, abrasion and other rope-related injuries without compromising your comfort or dexterity. The right pair of gloves is also imperative to your fall-arrest plan and is perfect for keeping on hand during cold-weather climbs. Whether you climb for sport or depend on a quality pair of gloves to help you do your work day in, day out, we have a pair that will give you the fit, protection and durability you require. Each pair of gloves from OmniProGear ships quickly so you can get a pair for your next big climbing adventure fast.

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We offer our very own line of high-visibility climbing gloves as part of our OPG collection. These gloves are made with reinforced silicone and synthetic leather for exceptional gripping power and feature Kevlar cut-resistant lining for added protection. Three sizes - medium, large and XL - ensure that you get the appropriate fit for all-day comfort and gripping control. These affordable synthetic leather gloves are suitable for outfitting the entire rescue department, tower work team, construction crew or any other individual working at heights. If you're looking for rugged yet affordable climbing gloves, the OPG gloves are a great option.
Petzl climbing gloves are also appropriate for work-at-heights professionals. They feature steadfast durability of a classic work glove paired with the fit and dexterity of a thinner climbing glove. Each pair of Petzl gloves offers double-layered genuine leather to protect the palm, thumb and other high-wear areas. Low-profile neoprene cuffs and Velcro closures keep gloves in place during demanding work. OmniProGear carries two options from the Petzl CORDEX line, including the Petzl CORDEX Lightweight Belay Gloves. These gloves come in a wide range of sizes and carry many impressive safety certifications. We also offer a big assortment of colors for the gloves we offer. These range from high-visibility yellow gloves that are perfect for emergency operations to basic blacks and natural tans ideal for sport climbing and a wide array of work-related uses.