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Work-at-heights professionals - especially rescue workers, cavers and cell-phone tower workers - rely on static rope for safely performing a variety of climbing-related tasks. This rock-climbing rope is especially useful when climbing fixed lines with ascenders or when you're climbing with heavy loads. Static rope offers minimal stretch, so it's well-suited for rescue applications where you need to be able to safely lower injured climbers or haul up a heavy load. OmniProGear carries the best nylon rock-climbing rope by Petzl and OPG to match your exact requirements. If you are looking for a reasonable static kernmantle rope price with fast shipping and great service, look no further. Here on our static rope sale page, you will find plenty of outstanding choices to suit your requirements and budget.

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Petzl Rope Cutter II Petzl Rope Cutter II
Our Price: $199.95

Determining which type of climbing rope to choose really comes down to your specific needs and job requirements. We carry top-quality cordage line that can be used for backing up an anchor, making a Prusik-type friction hitch, attaching accessories, fall protection, fire rescue applications and much more. Click on each static or semi-static rope from our selection to learn more about its specific uses. These rope and cord options come in multiple colors and diameters to match your unique climbing demands. Additionally, we provide plenty of ANSI, NFPA and UL certified ropes for your specific rescue or work-at-heights requirements. We also carry our static rope in assorted sizes and colors, so you can get just the right rope for your needs. Besides browsing our fine selection of static ropes, don't forget to check out our accessories, such as climbing-rope tarps, rope cutters and heat-shrink tubes for preventing frayed ends.
Please note that static rope should never be used for top roping or lead climbing. Static rope is not designed, tested or certified for such applications and therefore should not be implemented in these scenarios. We can assist you with finding the right rope for your exact needs if you reach out to us with your specific questions. Shop for throw lines and other types of specialty climbing cord from our selection. OmniProGear specializes in offering the best Petzl rock-climbing rope before everyone else, so you can always count on us to have the latest and greatest rope by Petzl and other top climbing brands.