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Great Values

Aerial dancers and aerial flying silks performers trust the quality of OmniProGear's products to provide them with the safety and the security they need in their performances and practices. We offer the very best aerial dance, aerial flying silks rigging hardware, acrobatic rigging and aerial hoops equipment that you can buy. Whether you need a specific piece of hardware or prefer an assembled, bundled setup/kit that includes everything you need for silks, trapeze, lyra or hammock work, OmniProGear has the highest-quality products you need at great values.

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CAMP Large Figure 8 CAMP Large Figure 8
Our Price: $21.95

Browse our selection to determine what product you need. Not sure exactly what you're looking for? Give us a call or email us: We'll help you determine your needs and recommend the products that are best suited to your situation, so you can be confident in your purchase.
Quality and Craftsmanship
The quality and the craftsmanship we put into each of our products are trusted by professionals each and every day, and are used to allow them to perform their tasks comfortably. From aerial dancers and acrobatics to arborists, professional stunt artists and cell phone tower professionals, our products are depended on in life or death situations. You can trust OmniProGear to deliver safety products that will provide you with consistent reliability.
Cutting-Edge Techniques
We are always looking for cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to implement into our production of aerial dance, aerial silks, aerial rigging equipment and hardware. OmniProGear strives to bring you the best lanyards, slings, anchor cables, carabiners, hardware setups and more so you can perform worry-free maneuvers. Our balanced systems deliver wobble-free, smooth performances. We take the aerial dancers', acrobats' and aerial flying silk performers' needs to heart and guarantee smooth surfaces that are bind-free, so they won't mar your silks and/or fabrics. Our products are all life- and safety-use rated.
Always Improving
At OmniProGear, we are always developing and refining our aerial rigging products to ensure that they are the best that they can be. In other words, we are always trying to improve! We have been in the safety hardware and rigging industry for many years and have become an industry fixture, known for our premium, superior-quality products and designs.
Order today to see and feel why we are the best you can buy for aerial flying silks rigging and equipment, aerial dance equipment, acrobatic rigging equipment, aerial hoop equipment and mounting kits.