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Climbing lanyards are designed to temporarily hold a climber in any given position or offer an auxiliary attachment point for safety purposes. These essential climbing tools are required for all kinds of climbers and work-at-heights professionals, including rescue workers, arborists, cell phone tower workers, special events managers, cavers, rock climbers, stuntmen and more. We carry flipline lanyards, zipline lanyards, energy absorbers and more by industry leaders such as Petzl and CAMP at OmniProGear. We have an extensive line of lanyards to help you find a solution for your unique demands. OmniProGear is the best place to shop for arborist lanyards, including fliplines.
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CAMP Axel Lanyard CAMP Axel Lanyard
Our Price: $299.95
CAMP Basic Lanyard CAMP Basic Lanyard
Our Price: $32.95
Camp Dynaone Lanyard 10M CAMP Dynaone Lanyard 10M
Our Price: $119.95
CAMP Herbol Ball CAMP Herbol Ball
Our Price: $9.90
CAMP Jungle Lanyard CAMP Jungle Lanyard
Our Price: $27.95
CAMP Tarzan Lanyard CAMP Tarzan Lanyard
Our Price: $29.95
Petzl 2018 ABSORBICA Energy Absorber Petzl 2018 ABSORBICA Energy Absorber
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $54.00
Petzl 2020 ABSORBICA Energy Absorber Petzl ABSORBICA Energy Absorber
Our Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $48.56
Petzl ABSORBICA-I VARIO shock absorbing lanyard ANSI Petzl ABSORBICA-I VARIO shock absorbing lanyard
Our Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $80.96
Petzl ABSORBICA-Y ANSI 80 cm with absorber Petzl ABSORBICA-Y ANSI 80 cm with absorber
Our Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $68.81
Positioning lanyards let the user position himself precisely at the workstation with his feet supported on the structure. These lanyards are uniquely designed to adapt to different anchoring configurations. Fall arrest lanyards are used when there is a fall hazard and are connected to the sternal or dorsal attachment point on the harness. The integrated absorber provides energy absorption in a fall and limits the impact force on the user. There's a CAMP or Petzl lanyard in our selection for a variety of demands, including positioning, rope progression, improving rope glide, passing rebelays, zip-lining progression and much more.
Pick up an energy absorber lanyard if you're in the market for an option that doubles as a lanyard and a fall assist device. Petzl's energy absorbers feature single- or double-lanyard styles with shock-absorbing webbing that helps break your fall. Each climbing lanyard is designed exclusively for its own set of uses, whether it be positioning during tree work or passing rebelays when caving or canyoneering. If you aren't sure which option to buy, give us a call at 303-567-2540 and we'll be happy to help. We can even build you a custom lanyard kit to suit your specific needs and budget.