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This all-in-one Rock Exotica AZTEK pulley kit system from OmniProGear is the perfect addition to any rescue worker's tool kit. It has an amazing number of different uses and purposes and can do the work of several different systems all rolled into one. AZTEK stands for Arizona Technicians Edge Kit, which comes as a complete system with two Rock Exotica pulleys, a main 8- or 9-millimeter rope, two Prusiks and a travel restrict Prusik. This durable and versatile system constantly amazes rescue workers with the amount of different uses that it offers.

The strength that the Rock Exotica AZTEK has as a system is 36kN, which is remarkable for an 8-millimeter rope. This pulley kit is a mechanical advantage system that allows the user to use the strength of pulleys to increase their own strength extensively. The featured uses of the AZTEK system are as a tensioning guyline for an AHD, an adjustable redirect, a load releasing hitch, an adjustable high directional for a belay line, a pick-off, a quick rappel with self-belay, a true belay, an adjustable anchor strap, an attendant tether, a litter scoop, an offset redirect and an artificial high directional litter bypass. The mechanical advantage for the AZTEK with a directional change is four to one while the regular mechanical advantage is five to one.

The Rock Exotica AZTEK from OmniProGear features two pulleys. Each pulley has its own color-coded Prusik for easy use. This also means that they can be easily activated or deactivated. It also allows you to have the ratchet at the top pulley or the bottom pulley. The deactivated Prusik will stay ready as soon as you need to use it because the special three on two Prusik cannot be removed from the rope. The featured sewn Prusiks and sewn eye on the main rope make this pulley system neater and more compact than if you were using knots. You'll be amazed by the smoothness of the sewn Prusiks and need to experience them to really understand the difference. You'll stay in control of the Prusik because they only get a fraction of the total load in an MA system and don't get too tight.

This pulley system will provide a huge variety of uses to any rescue worker, cell phone tower employee, rigger, arborist or other professional that spends a large amount of time climbing and suspended in a harness. Pair it with any of the other selections of the OmniProGear stock of climbing and rescue equipment. We can also create a custom bundle for you on the fly. With OmniProGear you'll get great prices, outstanding customer service and all the best and newest gear before anyone else.


  • Includes
    • 2 AZTEK pulleys
    • Main rope: 8 mm or 9 mm
    • 2 Prusiks
    • 1 Travel restrict Prusik
    • 1 Free carabiner
  • Strength as a system, even with 8 mm rope (50 ft.): 36kN
  • Breaking strength (each pulley): 2 x 9 kN x 2 = 36kN
  • Working load: 2 x 2 kN x 2 = 8 kN
  • Max rope diameter: 8 mm
  • Sheave diameter: 1.0" (25 mm)
  • Certification: CE

Free Carabiner

  • Zinc-plated steel for difficult conditions
  • Auto-locking with two motions to unlock
  • Twice the open gate strength of other carabiners
  • Strength: 24kN twist gate locking