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Petzl ZIGZAG Descender for Arborists


Feel safe, secure and agile while working high up in the tops of trees with the Petzl ZIGZAG mechanical prusik descender for arborists and tree climbers from OmniProGear. Navigating your way through tree branches has never been easier with this premium doubled rope climbing system for tree care. Every feature of this prusik pulley system is designed to grant you ease of motion, agility and security while climbing. Say goodbye to awkward and clunky descenders that give you poor range of motion, uncontrollable descent speed and ropes that get twisted and tangled with every movement.

Descenders are a necessary part of static climbing as they provide friction and braking for descent. This puts less wear on your favorite climbing ropes while giving you maximum control over the speed of your descent. The durable steel construction of the Petzl ZIGZAG will ensure that this high-quality climbing tool will last a very long time.

The unique zigzag pattern of rings on top of the descender help to minimize friction in the climbing line. This protects your ropes and keeps them in pristine condition for a long time. A spring-mounted release lever provides easy, one-touch locking and releasing for effortless descent. The release lever also allows the climber to control the rate of speed at which he is descending with great precision. The progressive braking action allows you to slow down and stop gently without jerking to a halt. Simply press the top of the lever to begin your descent. The amount of pressure you apply is directly correlated to the speed at which you will drop, giving you a high level of control. To slow down, simply slowly release some of the pressure on the lever. Release the lever entirely to stop.

The rope guide features a smooth swiveling motion to move with your ropes and keep them untangled at all times. With a swiveling rope guide, you'll never have to worry about dangerous and inconvenient tangled ropes again. Move freely about without having to worry about getting caught and having to untangle yourself from a mess of ropes. Slide your doubled rope through the eye of the upper connection point that features a flexible ring in order to maintain the connector in the major axis position. The built-in sealed ball bearing pulley provides the ability to easily take up slack.

The Petzl ZIGZAG descender is the perfect addition to the tool kit of any arborist, rescue worker, tower climber, event rigger, safety worker or other individual who climbs for a living or recreation. Its one-of-a-kind design provides outstanding precision, control and mobility in the most precarious of positions. With this descender you'll feel more at home in the trees than you do on the ground.


  • Mechanical Prusik pulley system for tree care
  • Lock and release with great precision and control speed of movement with the spring-mounted release lever
  • Smooth progressive braking action with friction links
  • Sealed ball bearing-mounted pulley to easily take up slack
  • Uninterrupted rope glide with swiveling device position
  • Durable steel construction
  • Connect the end of a doubled rope easily with an upper connection point and flexible ring that maintains connector in major axis position
  • Use only with doubled ropes


  • Minimum rope diameter: 7/16" (11.5 mm)
  • Maximum rope diameter: 1/2" (13 mm)
  • Rope compatibility: Semi-static rope (EN 1891 type A)
  • Material : steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber
  • Working load limit : 140kg
  • Dimensions : Approximately 3 3/8" x 5 1/2"
  • Weight : 11.3 oz. (320g)
  • Certification(s) : CE
  • Made in FR
  • Guarantee 3 years