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Petzl Gray GriGri+ Belay Device with Anti-Panic 2017


The Petzl Gray GriGri+ belay device with anti-panic from OmniProGear is the perfect tool for a new climber. It is an assisted braking device that features a reduction handle, anti-panic handle and special top-rope belay mode. It is made from durable materials that are sure to stand up to many uses and tons of wear and tear. This 2017 belay device is Petzl's newest device dedicated to beginning climbers.

This assisted braking device features a reduction handle that provides an elevated level of control during descent. Keep from dropping too quickly or too slowly by utilizing this handle. The anti-panic handle is great for beginners as it brakes and stops the descent immediately if the handle is pulled too hard. This offers a high level of safety and control for users who haven't yet become comfortable with descent.

Perfect for beginners and those who enjoy top roping, the Petzl GriGri+ features a patented switch that alternates between lead climbing and top roping. The switch works by adjusting a knob on the reverse of the device which loosens or tightens a spring. Depending on the tightness of the spring, it will become easier or harder to pay out rope. The special top rope belay mode provides comfortable top rope belaying for the climber and belayer.

The Petzl GriGri+ is made from sturdy materials that will last you through many climbs. It features a steel wear plate to protect it from friction caused by ropes passing through it. This belay device is compatible with all single ropes. It is, however, optimized for ropes between 8.9 millimeters and 10.5 millimeters in diameter. Easily learn how to feed your rope into the GriGri+ with rope installation diagrams engraved on the sides.

Benefits of the Petzl GriGri+ include increased safety due to the added anti-panic handle which keeps the belayer from accidentally lowering the climber too quickly. The reduction handle also gives incredible descent control which allows the belayer to ensure that the climber is coming down at the correct speed. It also allows the belayer to stop the climber's fall, if necessary. The device is also made to feed rope smoothly with minimal friction and wear and tear to keep your equipment and ropes in pristine condition for as long as possible.

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  • Assisted-braking device for climbing
  • Outstanding descent control with reduction handle
  • Anti-panic handle
  • Special top rope belay mode
  • Descent stops automatically if user pulls too hard on anti-panic handle
  • Compatible with all single ropes, but optimized for 8.9mm-10.5mm diameter
  • Durable stainless steel wear plate
  • Patented switch alternates between lead climbing and top roping
  • Perfect for new climbers who are learning
  • Easy rope installation with diagrams engraved on belay device