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Stay safe on the job site with these great high-visibility (hi-vis) essentials from OmniProGear. We always offer the best and most reliable high-visibility clothing, helmets, gloves and packs to ensure that you're easy to identify in any environment, including dark and low-lit conditions. High-visibility safety gear is especially important for work-at-heights and rescue professionals who need to be easily identified while working near a roadway, ski lift or adjoining worksite. It's also designed to meet stringent workplace compliancy standards. Stock up on hi-vis gear by industry leaders such as Petzl and OPG from the OmniProGear store.

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Most of our high-visibility jackets and helmets are ANSI compliant to meet the needs of professional rescue workers, arborists, rope-access workers and more, so they're appropriate for whole-department purchase. Individuals can buy these hi-vis essentials to stay compliant without breaking the bank. Click on each product to see the specific certifications carried. We stock high-visibility ANSI helmets and jackets at OmniProGear. Our very own line of OPG high-visibility cold-weather apparel includes ANSI-certified hi-vis hoodies, fleece zip-ups and jackets to keep you warm and comfortable during cold weather work. At OmniProGear, you can also find just the right high-visibility safety harness to protect you while you do your work. We carry a choice of sizes so you can find just the right fit for you and each member of your team. Our high-visibility backpacks provide you plenty of storage for gear as well as an outside mesh pocket for a water bottle, helping you keep hydrated and safe on the job.
If you're looking for a quality hard Petzl hat to protect your head, OmniProGear also has a selection of Petzl hi-vis helmets designed specifically for those who work at heights. These helmets provide shock-absorbing properties and protective outer shells but don't compromise on comfort or breathability. Many are ventilated to keep you cool and dry during sweat-inducing jobs. OmniProGear also carries rugged high-visibility gloves featuring reinforced silicone palms for exceptional gripping power and Kevlar cut-resistant lining for added protection. These gloves come in a variety of sizes to ensure that you get a close fit that doesn't limit your dexterity while working or climbing. OmniProGear is always on hand to assist you with your high-visibility apparel purchase.