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Petzl VERTEX BEST ANSI Duo LED 14 Helmet


Protect your head while illuminating your way in the dark with the Petzl VERTEX BEST duo LED 14 helmet from OmniProGear. This helmet provides supreme protection for your skull and is perfect for rescue work and any work done at a height in which a headlamp might come in handy. Professions that may benefit include firefighters, wilderness SAR teams, arborists, cell phone tower repairmen, linemen, riggers and many more.

The VERTEX BEST helmet features an unventilated shell, which protects you from electrical hazards and molten metal splash. In fact, this Petzl helmet meets the safety requirements of the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards for protection against impact, molten metal splash, lateral deformation and use in low temperatures. This makes it ideal for use at a height as well as a variety of other dangerous conditions.

Practicality meets comfort in the six-point mesh headband, CenterFit headband adjustment system and strong chin strap of the VERTEX BEST helmet. These components work together to keep the helmet held securely on your head while providing you with the greatest level of comfort possible for effortless all day or all night wear.

This Petzl helmet features an integrated hybrid headlamp with two separate light sources that is waterproof to -5 meters. Each light source is ideal for a different situation. The first of these is focused lighting for objects at a distance from a halogen bulb with adjustable zoom. The second option is close-range lighting that includes three lighting modes, including maximum, optimum and economic. The close-range lighting modes are provided by fourteen long-burning LED lights that output constant lighting until the battery is depleted. A spare halogen bulb is included in the head of the lamp and the on/off switch locks to prevent accidentally turning your lights on or off.

OmniProGear will light your path and keep you safe with a large selection of headlamps, helmets, harnesses, carabiners, lanyards, ropes, cables and many other tactical and safety prodcuts. Place an order with OmniProGear for amazing prices and access to the newest gear before anyone else.


  • VERTEX BEST helmet with integrated headlamp
  • Hybrid headlamp is waterproof to -5 meters (IP X8)
  • Two light sources for different situations:
    • Focused distance lighting with adjustable zoom and halogen bulb
    • Close-range lighting with three lighting modes
      • Lighting modes: maximum, optimum, economic
      • Long burn time
      • 14 LEDs for constant lighting for duration of battery life
  • Comfortable and practical
    • Locking on/off switch to prevent accidentally turning lamp on or off
    • Tilting light body
    • Spare halogen bulb in the head of the lamp
  • Unventilated shell protects against electrical hazards and molten metal splash
  • Comfortable six-point mesh headband
  • CenterFit headband adjustment system keeps helmet centered on head
  • Strong chin strap


  • Head circumference: 53-63 cm
  • Weight (with batteries): 625g
  • Material(s): ABS, nylon, polycarbonate, high-strength polyester, polyethylene
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Meets the requirements of the EN 397 and EN 12492 standards for protection against impact.
  • Meets the optional requirements of the EN 397 standard for molten metal splash, lateral deformation and use in low temperatures.