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The Petzl I'D L is a multi-purpose, self-braking descender which is intended for technical rescues. It is made for use with 12.5-millimeter ropes but can take 11.5 to 13-millimeter ropes as well. This descender is particularly good for raising and lowering heavy loads up to 272 kilograms. It is designed to control your descent speed and allow you to stay in position without having to tie off the device. This makes it the perfect tool for any climbing rescue operation as it allows for greater control of position and speed while being capable of handling a large amount of weight. The lack of a gated attachment hole also contributes to the rescue design of this Petzl descender.

The Petzl I'D L anti-panic descender features an easy-to-use handle which gives you access to all of the tool's great features and functions. Simply rotate the handle's position around the device to activate the transport, lock-off, belay, descent or anti-panic functions. The handle also allows you to unblock the rope and control your descent with your hand on the free end of the rope. The button on the handle will give you greater ease of movement on horizontal or low-angle terrain. The locking function of the handle is what will allow you to position yourself on a rope without having to tie off the descender. The handle also features a compact carrying position to keep it from inadvertently snagging on ropes or clothing.

To help eliminate the dangers of user error and snags on the descender, the handle is designed to halt your descent when pulled to far in the descent position. This keeps you from falling when a rope slips and snags on the handle. It also serves as an anti-panic feature for users that accidentally pull too hard on the handle when they fear they may be falling too quickly. The anti-error safety catch also reduces the risk of accident by immobilizing you if the rope is installed backwards into the descender.

Some additional uses for the Petzl I'D L descender include smoothly moving up and down an incline or horizontally by pressing the button on the handle. Taking up slack in the rope is facilitated by the pivoting cam. Because of this, you can also use the I'D to make short ascents up a rope and as a reversible haul system, which is perfect for a rescue operation. Use this function in conjunction with a FootPro foot loop and an Ascension handled rope clamp. You can also use this descender as a backup belay to evacuate a victim or to belay a leader using climbing technique.


  • Rescue
    • Pre-installed individual evacuation kit
    • Release and rescue of an individual using a rescue kit
    • Release and rescue of an individual on a static support
    • Release and rescue of an individual suspended on a long rope
    • Drop loop haul for urgent rescue
    • Litter hauling techniques


  • Minimum rope diameter: 11.5 mm
  • Maximum rope diameter: 13 mm
  • Maximum load weight: 272 kg
  • Weight: 530g
  • Certification(s): EN 341 class A, CE EN 12841 type C, ANSI Z359.4, NFPA 1983 General Use, EAC
  • Bolting - Knots - Anchors
    • Releasable anchors with the I'D
    • Tensioning a rope for a Tyrolean