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Light your path while staying stealthy and keeping your hands free with the Petzl Strix VL tactical headlamp in desert from OmniProGear. You'll be able to keep a low profile with this headlamp as it meets all military stealth requirements. This multipurpose headlamp can be worn in a variety of different versatile ways. Your options include directly on your head as a traditional headlamp, attached to your safety or military helmet, attached to your vest or harness or around your neck. Your light source is sure to stay steady while worn as a traditional headlamp due to the stability of the headband. The featured double rotation system also allows the freedom of beam orientation necessary when wearing the light in so many different ways.

You will have absolute control over the beam of light emitting from the Petzl Strix VL headlamp. The rotation system and settings allow you to manipulate the direction, strength and color of your illumination. The dual rotation feature included in the body and head of the lamp allow you to rotate the light 180 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically. These versatile adjustment options are absolutely necessary when attaching this tactical headlamp to your vest or wearing it around your neck. Versatility is key when performing any kind of rescue operation or other activity where a headlamp is needed and this Petzl headlamp provides the wide range of motion that you need. Several different beam strengths and lighting modes are available for use with this rescue headlamp. The constant lighting mode keeps the beam shining consistently without dimming. The lamp switches to reserve mode once the batteries are depleted. Out of the several different light colors and corresponding lighting modes, white light stealth mode will keep your path lit for the longest amount of time at 65 hours of burn time. The fastest-burning lighting mode is the white light movement mode, which has a burn time of 4.5 hours.

The light on the Petzl Strix VL headlamp from OmniProGear shines in four vibrant colors to adjust to any situation. Choose from white, red, green and blue lighting and choose from three different white lighting modes. The colored light options offer softer illumination and increased contrast depending on the situation that you find yourself in. When you choose white lighting, you can also determine whether you'd like to use stealth mode to stay hidden and keep a low profile, close-range vision mode for a shorter beam of light or movement mode. The intuitive lighting on this tactical headlamp allows you to switch between lighting colors and modes easily and discreetly. The on switch is also noiseless and easily operated even while wearing gloves. The included AA battery will power your Strix VL headlamp or you can use a lithium battery for double the burn time.


  • Headlamp keeps your hands free
  • Wear it on helmets, vests, on the head or around the neck
  • Designed to meet stealth military requirements
  • Double rotation system means that body and head rotate 180° horizontally and 120° vertically
  • Constant Lighting mode allows uninterrupted beam as batteries deplete, then switches to reserve mode
  • Two lighting configurations:
    • Visible color lighting: red, green, blue
    • Visible white lighting: stealth mode, close-range vision mode, movement mode
  • Noiseless on switch is easy to operate, even with gloves
  • Stealthy intuitive lighting seamlessly switches from discreet to non-discreet lighting modes


  • Weight: 95g
  • Energy: 1 AA/LR6 battery (included)
  • Battery compatibility: lithium battery (doubles burn time)
  • Certification(s): CE
  • Color: Desert

Lighting Performance

  • Lighting Technology: Constant Lighting
    • Lighting Color: red
      • Light quantity, distance, burn time: 1 lm and 3 m for 20 h
      • Reserve mode: 0.3 lm for 10 h
    • Lighting Color: green
      • Light quantity, distance, burn time: 1.5 lm and 3 m for 17 h
      • Reserve mode: 0.3 lm for 10 h
    • Lighting Color: blue
      • Light quantity, distance, burn time: 0.35 lm and 2 m for 17 h
      • Reserve mode: 0.3 lm for 10 h
    • Lighting Color: white
      • Lighting modes: stealth
        • Light quantity, distance, burn time: 0.4 lm and 3 m for 65 h
        • Reserve mode: 3 lm for 10 h
      • Lighting modes: close-range vision
        • Light quantity, distance, burn time: 15 lm and 20 m for 20 h
        • Reserve mode: 3 lm for 10 h
      • Lighting modes: movement
        • Light quantity, distance, burn time: 40 lm and 40 m for 4h30
        • Reserve mode: 3 lm for 10 h