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There may be no better feeling than flying through the air suspended over trees, bodies of water and more on a zip line. Getting your own zip line set up has never been easier with the wide range of equipment available at great prices from OmniProGear. This professional zip line harness system kit has everything you need to get strapped in and start flying on your own line. Whether you have your own setup for commercial use or you're just setting up your own zip line in your back yard for personal use, this harness system kit will keep you safe while having fun. Order yours today for a fast turnaround time and outstanding customer service.

The professional zip line harness system kit from OmniProGear includes one zip line harness, one zip line pulley, one 70-centimeter lanyard, one 80-centimeter Y safety lanyard and three auto-locking carabiners. All of these items are manufactured by Petzl, one of the largest climbing and rescue gear manufacturers in the world. This guarantees that you'll get the best quality products in your zip line kit. This zip line harness kit is also extremely easy to use. There are very few moving parts and the connections are simple to remember. You'll be getting in and out of this harness in a flash in no time, making your zip line fun, convenient, safe and comfortable.

The lanyards included in the professional zip line harness kit from OmniProGear attach to the harness with a simple lark's head hitch. For extra strength and durability, these lanyards are also double stitched with plastic covering. The minimum breaking strength for the lanyards is 3,375 pounds or 15 kN on each leg to ensure that your weight will be fully supported with virtually no chance of breakage while you're suspended in the air.

For extra ease of use and convenience, the carabiners included in this zip line kit are designed for single-handed use and easy manipulation when passing intermediate anchors. Unexpected snagging is prevented by the included keylock system, as well. The zip line pulley works with cables that are 9 to 13 millimeters in diameter and can also be used on rope. The pulley features durable and long-lasting sheave bearings and its simple design ensures easy use and manipulation as well as reduced risk for pinched fingers.

The harness included in this zip line harness kit from OmniProGear fits most sizes. This means that your whole family and all of your friends can use this kit to zip line. It also makes the perfect harness kit for a commercial zip line setup as it can accommodate a wide variety of customers. The leg straps are color-coded and adjustable to fit most users. The waist is also adjustable and can be set to any size ranging from 23.5 inches to 43.5 inches. This harness features protective tubing to reduce abrasions. The Petzl three year guarantee applies to this harness as well.


  • Includes:
    • 1 Zip line harness
    • 1 Zip line pulley
    • 1 70 cm (27.5-inch) lanyard
    • 1 80 cm (33.5-inch) Y safety lanyard
    • 3 Auto-locking carabiners
  • Specifically designed for zip lines
  • Lanyards are double stitched with plastic covering and feature lark's head hitches
  • Carabiners are designed for single-handed use
  • Keylock system prevents unexpected snagging
  • Zip line pulley features sheave bearings
  • Zip line pulley cable diameter: 9-13mm (can also be used with rope)
  • Harness waist size: 23.5"-43.5"
  • Products manufactured by Petzl
  • Petzl 3 year guarantee