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NEW - Petzl TIBLOC Stainless Steel Rope Clamp Grab in Black



The Petzl TIBLOC stainless steel emergency rope clamp grab in black is exceptionally lightweight and compact, making it a perfect choice for teams who have to shave weight and space in their gear bags. This small yet crucial piece of equipment is used in a variety of circumstances, including ascending ropes or setting up hauling systems.

For rescue teams, arborists, maintenance crews and other industry professionals who have to work in adverse muddy, icy, rainy or slick conditions, you can rely on the positive-grip teeth of the TIBLOC to keep you and your gear securely in place. Thanks to a self-cleaning design, this emergency rope grab will stay clear of debris no matter the situation you find yourself in on the job.

A low-profile hole allows for the attachment of a keeper cord so that even if the rope grab slips from your hands during a messy task, the TIBLOC won't go plummeting down to Earth. This grab is compatible with 8- to 11-millimeter diameter ropes, giving you the versatility and reliability you need on a wide range of tasks.


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  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Use with Locking Carabiner for Ascending Ropes or Setting Up Hauling Systems
  • Positive-Grip Teeth Keep Grab Secure
  • Self-Cleaning Design Stays Clear of Debris
  • Attachment Hole for Keeper Cord
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 35 Grams
  • Rope Compatibility: 8 to 11 Millimeter Roper
  • Certification: CE EN 567, EAC