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Snowline Chainsen Pro Small Orange Boot Ice Spikes


Get prepared for winter with the best-selling classic Snowline Chainsen Pro crampons from OmniProGear. This boot studded with snow and ice spikes will keep you upright in the nastiest of winter weather. Use them for mountaineering or simply going about your day in slippery conditions. The low peaks system of these boot spikes provides high stability on thick ice and packed snow. This will allow you to steadily walk and climb without sustaining any unnecessary and painful injuries.

The Snowline Chainsen Pro snow spikes are very easy to wear. They come with everything you need and require no additional rings or loops to attach them to your favorite boots. Easily adjust the size with the perfect combination of chains and peaks, as well. Simply slip them on and you're ready to go. In addition to stretching comfortably over your lightweight or insulated boots, the elastomeric band of these crampons is made from a special material that is resistant to freezing all the way down to -60 degrees Celsius.

The dynamic chain link anti balling system and durable stainless steel construction of the Snowline Chainsen Pro naturally adjusts according to the conditions of the ground. This helps to keep your feet from getting fatigued even after hours of trekking through snow and ice. The sturdy stainless steel is also resistant to rust even when stored for long periods of time. These long-lasting, comfortable and easy-to-use crampons are the ideal tool for mountaineering in any form of snow or ice. They will keep you safe and secure in even the most treacherous conditions.

These bright orange snow spikes are size small. In U.S. sizes, they will fit lightweight boots in sizes 1.5 to 4.5 or insulated boots in sizes 1 to 3. The bright orange color doubles as a safety measure for snowstorms as they are easily spotted in snowy and icy conditions. If you are planning a mountainous trek through snow and ice, these crampons are the perfect tool for you. They are also ideal for anyone living in harsh winter weather that is prone to slipping and ice-related accidents. Order yours today from OmniProGear for the best deals and to get the newest gear before anyone else.


  • Low peaks system provides high stability
  • Easy to wear with no additional rings or loops needed
  • Elastomeric band made from special material that resists freezing down to -60 Degrees C
  • Ideal combination of chains and peaks makes for an easily-adjusted size
  • Bends, moves and adjusts naturally with the condition of the ground
  • Dynamic chain link anti balling system
  • Stainless steel construction provides strong resistance to rust, which is great for long term storage
  • Works with many shoe types
  • Bright orange color is easily visible in the snow
  • Keeps feet from getting fatigued during long hours on the ice and snow
  • Perfect for people who are vulnerable to slipping on the ice
  • Country of origin: South Korea
  • Material: Stainless 304, 420J2, Elastomer
  • Size: Small
  • US Size: Lightweight boots 1.5-4.5, insulated boots 1-3
  • UK Size: 32-36
  • Weight: 278g