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When climbing or performing rescue work, you want to have the best-rated and safest possible equipment for the job. NFPA, the National Fire Protection Association, has its own set of rating standards that ensure your on-the-job gear is up to code for your demanding environment. This organization has more than 300 consensus codes and standards designed to protect workers against death, injury, property loss and other hazards related to fire and electricity. Do your due diligence and purchase NFPA-rated gear from OmniProGear to protect your employees, reduce liability and perform rescue work as safely as possible.

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Petzl 8.5mm Accessory Prussiks Cord Petzl 8.5mm Accessory Prusik Cord

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We carry a large selection of NFPA gear, including NFPA ascenders, NFPA escape cord, NFPA rigging equipment, NFPA carabiners, NFPA harnesses, NFPA static rope, NFPA descenders and NFPA pulleys. These products all carry their own NFPA specifications designed to reduce workplace injury and improve on-the-job safety with a variety of safety-enhancing materials and features. Fire-rescue teams always want to invest in specific NFPA-approved rescue rope and other essentials that perform well in high-heat and fire-rescue environments, while climbing rescue professionals need steel NFPA-rated carabiners for difficult rescue conditions.
OmniProGear only supplies the highest-quality rescue equipment around, made by trusted manufacturers such as Petzl. We also manufacture our own collection of NFPA- and ANSI-rated rope from our OPG line that's ideal for rescue professionals looking for budget-friendly static rope that's code-compliant. We supply rescue professionals high-quality static rope made in the U.S. to offer the best dependability and durability in more rugged environments. These ropes are also certified to UL Life Safety Rope standards.
We have made it easy to find exactly the types of NFPA-certified equipment you are looking for. Click on one of our eight NFPA category links above to browse our complete selection of NFPA-rated products ranging from NFPA Ascenders to NFPA Pulleys and NFPA Rigging Equipment. If you're searching for a quality NFPA rigging harness, for instance, check out our NFPA Harnesses subcategory above for a great selection of harnesses, tactical evacuation systems and harness accessories like removable leg pads. Click on each product in our NFPA department to see exactly which NFPA specifications and other safety specifications each product carries. And if you are still wondering which product is right for you, no worries. Just call or email us and our knowledgeable, friendly staff will give you quick answers.