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Rock-climbing rope bags are an essential for any climber. Not only do they ensure that you always have enough rope on hand for your particular climb, they also help extend the life of your rope and cord by keeping it away from sand and dirt that can compromise the quality of your rope through abrasion. OmniProGear carries a wide variety of styles so that you can find the appropriate rock-climbing rope bag for your unique needs, whether you're a professional rescue worker or a work-at-heights arborist. We carry rope bags by Petzl as well as our very own OPG line here. For emergency and rescue situations, for tree trimming and cutting and other daily work-related duties at height, or for recreational climbers who love the thrill and skill of rope climbing as a sport, you will find the right rock-climbing rope bag at OmniProGear.

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Pick a rope-bag backpack with straps for convenience or choose from our big inventory of throw-line bags and kits. OmniProGear also carries handy accessories that can also keep your ropes organized, clean and protected, such as rope protectors and climbing-rope tarps.
Petzl bags are a great choice for any discerning climber. Available in a wide variety of options - including bucket rope bags, collapsible throw line bags and rope backpacks - there's a Petzl rope bag in our selection to meet your specific needs. The Petzl Standard Rope Bag (25-Liter) is a popular choice for those who need multiple carrying options, because it features an adjustable shoulder strap plus an ergonomic grip handle. If you need something a bit roomier, check out the Petzl XL Rope Bucket Bag that offers 70 liters of space for your ropes.
OmniProGear specializes in offering our very own line of low-priced yet high-quality climbing gear. We have everything from a mini throw line bag that lets you carry just a few things all the way up to a complete throw line kit that comes with a throw bag, line and a carry bag. Many of our rope bags are equipped with cool features, such as extra pockets for carrying your phone and other valuables and transparent external windows for displaying your equipment identification card. OmniProGear gets the latest rock climbing gear before anyone else, so make sure to check back often for new items by Petzl and more.