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Choosing the right belay device can be a daunting task, but OmniProGear is on hand to help you find the perfect gear for your specific environment and needs. Whether you're a beginner or a climbing professional, our extensive selection of belaying hardware includes the ideal gear for your specific experience level and climbing conditions. The ideal belay device should assist you with ascending and descending at a pace in which you're comfortable and in control by regulating the amount of braking friction on the rope. We offer best-selling belay devices by Petzl and CAMP at OmniProGear.

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Explore our expansive selection of Petzl belay devices if you're looking for something high-tech and reliable for high-energy climbs. Each Petzl belay device is equipped with innovative technologies that allow for safe, controlled descending from caves, mountains, canyons and more. These belay devices are made with compact and lightweight materials so they don't bog you down and come in various sizes to suit your specific rope size. Petzl belaying gear comes in a wide variety of stylish colors so you can color-coordinate your gear and look great while you're on the rocks. Here at OmniProGear, we're experts when it comes to Petzl products and ascenders. They offer premium features like assisted braking that provide superior descent control. Team them up with Petzl carabiners and you will have a winning team that will provide years of dependable service wherever you take it. You will also find innovative CAMP belaying devices here at OmniProGear. If you aren't sure which product to choose, simply reach out to us with your inquiries and we'll do our best to guide you towards the products that are best for you. We're happy to build personalized bundle packs for those who need high-quality climbing gear kits from scratch. Whether you're in the market specifically for a Petzl belay device, for belaying hardware in general or something as specific as a friction-assisted carabiner for light belayers, we can get it to you. We pride ourselves on carrying the newest and best belay devices and belay equipment in the business. OmniProGear gets the latest and greatest products by Petzl and other top brands before anyone else, so be sure to check back often if you're in the market for all-new climbing technologies.