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CAMP is an Italian climbing gear manufacturer with deep roots in the climbing industry. It was founded in 1889 and continues to produce some of the most cutting-edge safety and climbing equipment more than 100 years later. OmniProGear is happy to supply a large inventory of CAMP safety equipment, including harnesses, carabiners, work packs, ascenders, descenders, pulleys, lanyards, slings and full-body arrest kits. CAMP climbing products are used by rescue workers, cell-phone tower companies, stuntmen, event riggers and other work-at-height professionals.

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Camp Dynaone Lanyard 10M CAMP Dynaone Lanyard 10M
Our Price: $119.95
Camp Tripod Evo CAMP Tripod Evo
Our Price: $1,199.95

We offer a large variety of top-rated CAMP climbing harnesses for demanding conditions, including the CAMP GT Chest Harness, Sit Harness and Full-Body Arrest Harness. The GT line includes some of the most advanced technologies for safety and comfort during rope access work. For instance, the 2017 CAMP GT Chest Harness features optimal ergonomics, especially in the neck area, and OmniProGear carries this advanced harness in a variety of sizes. CAMP's harnesses are padded for exceptional comfort and stability, and feature patented buckles and components to ensure agility and ergonomics. Besides finding the latest CAMP gear at OmniProGear, you will also benefit from our outstanding service and fair pricing policy, whether you are searching for a low full-body safety harness price or other outstanding equipment at a reasonable price. Safety harness, CAMP and OmniProGear: Combined, they make an unbeatable combination in quality and affordability. Check out the impressive CAMP GT ANSI Full-Body Arrest Kit that comes with a CAMP GT full-body climbing harness, the CAMP Goblin Fall Arrester and other essential add-ons. We also sell the popular CAMP Druid Pro Descender. If you are looking for a rugged CAMP safety helmet, we carry these tough brain buckets in a variety of styles and sizes to suit your exact needs.
We can help you find the appropriate CAMP climbing gear for your specific needs, whether you're looking for a high-performance CAMP safety helmet or need low-priced CAMP replacement parts. If you'd like to invest in a complete CAMP equipment kit but don't need some of the items listed in our prebundled options, we're happy to build out a customized product bundle to suit your specific needs and budget. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail with your product requirements. OmniProGear is always the first to debut the latest and greatest climbing gear, so be sure to check back often.