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When it comes to verticality, descenders are essential for helping you move at your own pace with control. Descenders assist in friction regulation and allow you to manipulate the speed of descent on a fixed rope. Professional rescue workers and other work-at-heights professionals must be able to position themselves at any point on the rope at any given moment, so the appropriate rope descending devices are absolutely imperative to your mission. OmniProGear carries the right climbing descender for your precise needs, whether you want a simple figure eight descender or a high-tech auto-braking descender by CAMP, Petzl or Rock Exotica. We have rope descending devices designed for arborists and many occupations. You can also find the perfect rock-climbing descender for your specific needs here.

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CAMP Axel Descender CAMP Axel Descender
Our Price: $249.95
CAMP I-Block Evo CAMP I-Block Evo
Our Price: $239.95
CAMP Large Figure 8 CAMP Large Figure 8
Our Price: $19.24
CAMP Standard Figure 8 CAMP Standard Figure 8
Our Price: $19.80
Petzl HUIT descender Petzl HUIT descender
Our Price: $22.74
Petzl PIRANA descender Petzl PIRANA descender
Our Price: $39.95
Petzl PIRANA descender Petzl PIRANA descender
Our Price: $44.95
Petzl RACK descender Petzl RACK descender
Our Price: $129.95
Petzl SIMPLE descender Petzl SIMPLE descender
Our Price: $69.95

Petzl climbing descenders are some of the most high-performance rock climbing ascenders and descenders on the market. Not only are they uniquely designed for safe, controlled descending, but they're also commonly used as belay devices. If you prefer something more compact and simple, Rock Exotica's line of rugged climbing descenders includes relatively affordable totem and figure eight descending devices milled from oversized aluminum. These components are appropriate for climbers looking to achieve precise dimensions, surface defect removal and smooth curves with every single descent.
OmniProGear also offers our own line of high-quality rappelling systems that come with everything you need for safe descending, including a figure eight, a carabiner and 150 feet of quality polyester and nylon rope. Our rappelling kits are ideal for use in canyoning descent techniques and offer multiple braking systems that allow the friction to be varied during descent. Keeping a lid on the cost of descending devices, figure eight descenders included, is just one way that OmniProGear is committed to helping you with our own brand. Once you've picked your perfect descending device, head over to our rope and cord department to find the right ascending and descending rope for your specific needs. Whether you climb for sport or for work, consider us your go-to source for the latest designs and innovations in rock-climbing ascenders and descenders and whatever climbing and safety equipment you need. Remember, you can always reach out to us if you have specific questions or concerns about our products.