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TAZ Lov3 Descender Chest Ascender Backup Device All In One 40cm Kit
TAZ Descender Chest Ascender Backup Device All In One

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This kit contain a Lov3 Device with 2 oval carabiners and a 40cm Camp Goblin Lanyard with Rope Surfer.

TAZ Lov 3 is the first device for use as a chest ascender, a descender, and in fall arrest situations, on diagonal, tensioned or regular ropes.

Imagined, designed and manufactured by and for RAT, this is the indispensable tool for any kind of work-at-height professional. The LOV3, is the first device that allows you to replace 3 devices:

1) Fall arrest device

2) Descender
3) Chest ascender switching into descender

For work at height:
1) Adjustable lanyard for work positioning
2) Evacuation device

The Lov3 is the only device of it's kind that can function on tensioned ropes, tram lines and diagonal ropes.

Example :

In case of a fall, hanging on his fall arrest LOV3, a technician would be able to evacuate himself immediately, without using any kind of other system. Besides, he will be able to descend diagonally, in order to avoid possible obstacles.

It is certified
EN 12841 type A, B and C on EN 1891 A ropes of Ø 10 to 11 mm,
EN 15151-1 on EN 1891 A ropes from Ø 10 to 11 mm and on EN 892 ropes from Ø 9.5 to 10.5 mm
EN 341 type 2 class C on Cousin 1425 EN 1891 rope of Ø 10.5 mm
EN 358: LOV3 + with its LOVROPE lanyard
It meets the relevant requirements of EN 353.2 with the exception of automatic descent following.
Colors: Red, Cyan, Black
Weight : 380 grams,
3 years warranty

40cm Lanyard:
The 26cm lanyard is designed to be used with two locking oval steel carabiners and includes rubber keepers to help fit the connectors in place to avoid accidental rotations or cross-loading. (Remove The Plastic Rope Surfer).

Standard(s): EN 354 – EN 795/B – EAC
Length(s): 40 cm
Strength (kN): 22

Automatic lock requires three actions to open: slide, twist and pull.

77 g, 2.7 oz


Standard(s): EN 362/B – EN 12275/X – UIAA – EAC
Height (mm) : 110
Width (mm): 62
Gate Opening (mm): 20
Major Axis (kN): 28
Minor Axis (kN): 11
Open Gate (kN): 7
Lock Type: 3Lock
Material: Alu

TAZ Lov 3 Rope Access Video

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