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Complete Zipline Kit with Full Body Harness and Pulley
Complete Zipline Kit with Full Body Harness and Pulley

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Ziplines have been used for a long time as an easy, fast and, yes, fun way to transport people and goods over difficult terrain. Recently, many adventure seekers have come to appreciate ziplines for the flight-like thrills and fun they offer. Whether you use ziplines for fun or for more serious pursuits, OmniProGear can save you time and money with our Complete Zipline Kit with Full-Body Harness and Pulley. This kit saves you the hassle and drudgery of collecting individual components of a zipline system, such as a zipline pulley, and gives you matched components in one convenient package. Buying this system can also save you money compared to purchasing individual pieces.
The system includes everything you need to hook up to the nearest zipline!

Full-Body Harness - Features padded legs, quick release buckles and a myriad of adjustment straps to make this harness fit most body sizes and types well. I personally prefer a full-body harness over a seat harness, which is the norm for ziplining. The full body helps spread out the "load," so to speak, so you don't get any pressure points or pain. A harness should not hurt even with your full weight hanging on it.

Two "I" Lanyards
- the 45 cm connects the harness to the pulley, and the 70 cm serves as your backup. These are Petzl lanyards and are double stitched with a plastic covering to reduce wear and tear.

One Auto-Locking Carabiner - connects the backup lanyard to the pulley. Easy pulldown lock makes one-handed operation quick and easy on change-overs. Rated to 25 kN (or 5620 pounds!).

One TriLock Carabiner with Captive - connects the 45 cm lanyard to your harness.

New for 2017 Petzl TRAC Pulley - features a built-in (removable) carabiner that makes it quick and easy to install on a zipline, but also drop-proof. The sealed ball bearings and sheave design utilized means this pulley will give you long life even with continual use.

I've attached some photos to help you understand how it all hooks up, but if you have any questions at all - please call me!

A few tips for hooking it all up:

1 - You have to take the pulley apart and attach the 45-cm lanyard to it. That lanyard pretty much stays permanently attached, unless you want to take the pulley apart over and over. So look the pulley over carefully, take some notes on paper if you need to, then use a flat-edge screwdriver to pop open the plastic cover. Make sure you note which side the opening of the carabiner faces - so you can put it back the same way.
2 - It's really hard to get the lanyard on the carabiners. I've found that once you get the tip of the carabiner through both plastic holes (and the rope, of course!), then a simple twisting side-to-side motion works best for getting it to slide into place.
3 - Attach the captive to the carabiner before trying to attach the lanyard. You do that by sliding the upper hole (if you look at the picture, I mean the top right portion of the captive) on the carabiner and push it all the way around into place. Then you can sort of snap the other side into place. Then screw it together. Once that's on, you can push the end of the lanyard that's connected to the pulley (we should be using the 45 cm one here) through the hole created by the captive, then loop it back over the carabiner to make a girth hitch.
4 - OK, well, if you are still with me - you are making progress, for sure!
5 - Attach the longer lanyard to the other carabiner that's shaped kind of like an ear. ;) That's your safety backup. Thread the loop end of the lanyard through the yellow loop on the harness, then the carabiner through the loop on the lanyard. You just made another girth hitch!
6 - Attach the pulley to the zipline. We'll assume you are wearing the harness by now -ha ha ha. Clip the carabiner through the yellow loop on the harness and off you go!

  • Complete Zipline Kit with Full Body Harness and Pulley

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